Full Album Stream: Sons of Balaur – ‘Tenebris Deos’

Those seeking truly evil black metal, look no further. After fifteen years of isolation from the outside world, Sons of Balaur have emerged from the darkness with their debut album, Tenebiris Deos

The songs on Sons of Balaur’s debut double as a means of invoking Balaur, the fifteenth century vampire the band is named after. Those invocations combined with the band members’ shadowy pasts — church burnings, murder charges, accusations of necrophilia and claims of Satanic rituals and human sacrifice at Sons of Balaur’s secret live performances — set the tone on Tenebiris Deos

Tenebiris Deos is a strong offering from the Norwegian black metal legends who, previously, had only released incredibly rare cassettes and seven inches. Galloping riffs and harsh, haunting vocals are abundant across the twelve songs. 

Sons of Balaur’s sixteen year silence is not only broken by their debut album. The band will release an animated graphic novel, Realm of the Damned, to accompany the album. Realm of the Damned is a post-apocalyptic story with characters voiced by Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth) and David Vincent (Morbid Angel), among others. The first trailer can be watched here

Tenebris Deos hits the streets on October 14 through Season of Mist. Preorders are available here