Video Premiere: Rising – ‘Death of a Giant’

When Decibel premiered Rising’s Oceans Into Graves in April, it was described as a record that “storms ashore with the head-liquefying sludgehammer tone, and stays on the mind with a current of trad metal catchiness.”

Rising brought that sludgehammer sound to Roskilde Festival this summer and filmed their music video for “Death of a Giant,” off of Oceans Into Their Graves. The video shows Rising setting up and playing to a sizeable crowd, alternating between black and white and color footage.

As Rising explains below, “Death of a Giant” is about the death of a supernova in space.

“’Death of a Giant’ is a song about a star that explode as a core-collapse-supernova and the all encompassing death that cosmic phenomenons like these can cause: Total destruction with no concern for the living and their hopes and fears, just pure nature and movements of the universe. The song was one of the first that was written for Oceans Into Their Graves and also one of the heaviest of the album, aiming to musically describe the sheer crushing weight of that dying giant, releasing all its energy, to end its own and everyone’s life. The video is done by director Palle Demant (Baby Woodrose, Spids Nøgenhat and more) at our performance at this year’s Roskilde Festival in Denmark – our biggest crowd so far and one of the highlights following the release of the album this past spring. More shows and writing new songs ahead – if we don’t get blasted by an imploding star any time soon, that is.”

Oceans Into Their Graves was released digitally on April 29 or on vinyl through the Earsplit Distro in the US.