Track Premiere: Incantation – “Unholy Massacre”

New York death metal legends Incantation recorded Tribute to the Goat live in the studio in 1997. The album was released on now-defunct Elegy Records and contained the live album plus Incantation’s demo with that era’s lineup.

The album featured Onward to Golgotha vocalist Craig Pillard as well as longtime drummer Kyle Severn, new to the band at the time. 

Tribute to the Goat will receive its first US reissue this winter through Season of Mist. “Unholy Massacre” is the third track from the album and sounds just as good as when it was released. 

Incantation has two albums listed on Decibel’s Top 100 Death Metal Albums of All Time. Onward to Golgotha was also inducted into the dB Hall of Fame in 2009. Additionally, Incantation’s cover of Revenant’s “Degeneration” appeared on a flexi in 2012. 

Preorder for Tribute to the Goat here.