Track Premiere: Escarnium – ‘Omnis Mortuus Est – Interitus’

Escarnium have come again to deliver another brutal offering from their upcoming album, Interitus. Brimming with aggression and rage, “Omnis Mortuus Est – Interitus” might be difficult to say, but not to listen to. 

There’s no letting up with Escarnium — once the intensity has been turned up, it stays up for five minutes of headsplitting death metal. If the words were hard to make out, Escarnium took care of that too. Check out the lyric video for “Omnis Mortuus Est – Interitus” and hear it for yourself. 

Interitus comes out October 14 through Redefining Darkness Records and can be preordered here. And for our Euro friends reading this, Testimony will be releasing it in your territory