Malignancy debut new track ‘Antiquated Vernacular.’ No LOLZ Allowed

“‘Antiquated Vernacular’ is about how languages are changing in our society and not for the better,” Malignancy vocalist Danny Nelson tells Decibel. “We are allowing the new digital age to dictate our speech. Words die, believe it or not, and the replacements are ridiculous.”

SRSLY, rite?

Sorry, I was facesitting on snaptime and don’t know what came over me. 

The erosion of what passes for acceptable English bothers the old farts at Decibel, too. The truth is, if it wasn’t for Urban Dictionary, we wouldn’t know what the fuck half you were talking about in your social media messages to us. 

It’s one of several tracks off the brutal death metal legends’ forthcoming self-released EP Malignant Future tackling the subject of 21st century digital boys and girls. 

“‘Debilitating Morphology’ touches on how social media can and does incite violence, especially in the younger generation. We scroll though a ‘newsfeed’ like grazing sheep, eating up all the negativity. ‘Contagious Psychosis’ is the last track on this mini EP. It delves into how parents today are overprotective and end up failing in the long run. Children are always striving to fit in and will do whatever it takes to do so. Individuality is becoming an endangered species.”

Though Decibel totally agree with sentiment, we suggest you fall the fuck in line and pre-order the Malignant Future shirt/CD bundle, which will be officially released October 11, here