Meshuggah grace the cover of Decibel’s November issue. Advance copies available.

Hard to believe, but Meshuggah’s previous Decibel cover appearance was 11 years (and one terrible Decibel logo) ago. Just imagine how many “Meshuggah faces” Jens Kidman has made over that 135-issue gap! Don’t spend too long doing that math, because it’s only gonna confuse the fuck out of you while you try to carry the ones listening to the Swedes’ latest mindwarper, The Violent Sleep of Reason (available in October from Nuclear Blast). 

This issue also contains an exclusive flexi from Memoriam, the death metal powerhouse featuring former Bolt Thrower vocalist Karl Willetts, Benediction/Sacrilege southpaw Frank Healy, Benediction live guitarist Scott Fairfax and ex-Bolt Thrower drummer Andy Whale.

Deluxe Decibel subscribers will receive our November issue containing the Memoriam flexi over the next few weeks, but if you still wanna score one, we have an EXTREMELY LIMITED number available with the issue in our webstore here