Full Album Stream: pg.lost – ‘Versus’

pg.lost has put out a number of interesting and challenging albums throughout the years. The Swedish instrumentalists have an ear for creating soundscapes that serve as epic listening experiences, and with Versus, pg.lost makes it clear that their new album is no exception. 

At seven songs, Versus runs the runs the gamut from calm and serene to thunderous and powerful, hitting every point in between. Listen to the album below and read what guitarist Gustav Almberg had to say about writing the album before you preorder it.

“We have always been a band that for the most part has made music through jam sessions. Nothing good comes out of nine sessions and in the tenth session you strike gold” says Almberg. “Now we had to be really focused during the few times we could actually meet. For this album, more song ideas were written at home by the individual band members, and then it went back and forth through the internet. Many times it was a real struggle and it felt like this way of doing it might not be the way for us. But then slowly but surely things started to crystallize.”

Versus hits the streets on September 16 through Pelagic Records but you can get your preorder the CD here and vinyl here right now.