Track Premiere: Freya – “Gnawing From Inside”

In the November issue of Decibel, Shawn Macomber described Freya’s upcoming release, Grim, as the “purest heavy fucking metal record” Karl Buechner, the legendary Earth Crisis vocalist, has ever made. Now, Decibel can do more than just tell you; we can show you. 

“Gnawing From Inside” has all the best parts of Freya: aggressive screams in tandem with soaring vocals, big riffs and flowing composition. It gives us a reason to be excited for the Syracuse band’s album. 

Buechner had this to say about writing “Gnawing From the Inside:” “Essentially, the song is about a group of people trapped indoors isolated out in the wilderness in the dead of a brutal Winter as after they deplete their stocks of firewood and food they start to hallucinate and slowly turn on each other. Cannibalism seems like the only choice to survive. When Flynn and I started to look into the background of the original Hansel and Gretel folk tale, one of earliest versions is even more horrifying then the one we’re all familiar with. The father leaves the two out in the forest so that the parents won’t themselves be tempted to kill and eat their own children over the course of a harsh Winter!” 

Grim features the drumwork of Dirk Verbeuren, formerly of Soilwork and currently pulling double duty with Megadeth.

Fast Break! Records will release Grim on September 30th. Preorders for the album can be found here