Full Album Stream: Serpent Crown – ‘Incantations of Vengeance’

Serpent Crown have come back to carry the torch of Bay Area thrash with a stream of their new album, Incantations of Vengeance

Incantations is Serpent Crown’s second full-length album, a six song, no frills effort. Led by frontwoman Dara Santhai’s sludge-tinged riffs and aggressive vocal delivery, Serpent Crown give a sonic assault that shouldn’t be missed by thrash fans.

The Oakland thrashers aren’t shy about their influences either, drawing from a diverse metal pallette. 

Incantations of Vengeance takes you on a passage into the frailty and elemental depravity of the humanity condition, sorcery and journeys beyond the realm of death…” Santhai says. “Offering a dynamic array of songs that volley between dark, doom laden material and vigorous thrash, with the occasional homage to traditional heavy metal, Incantations of Vengeance creates a diverse musical landscape.”

The album will be available independently for digital download through Serpent Crown’s Bandcamp on September 9.