Track Premiere: End cover Amebix’s “Winter”

Few, if any, crust punk bands are more iconic than Amebix. Often considered the first crust band, they released the single “Winter” in 1983. Today, “Winter” gets a black metal reworking courtesy of Greece’s End.

The cover comes from End’s split with West Virginia’s Torrid Husk, called Swallow Matewan. Stream the atmospheric cover below. 

“Winter” is the closing track on the split; End has revealed one other song from Swallow Matewan, an original called “Virga” that you can listen to here.

For Torrid Husk’s part, you can listen to “Mourning Cloak Spell” here and “Carminite” here

The multinational split will be released by Grimoire Records on September 23, with preorders here