HammerFall premiere first single “The Sacred Vow” off new album

Swedish power metallers HammerFall have been at it for nearly two decades. Due out November 11, Built to Last will be HammerFall’s tenth full-length album. “The Sacred Vow” is the first single from that new album, proving that the band hasn’t slowed down since 2014’s (r)Evolution

Galloping riffs and Joacim Cans’ soaring vocals, energetic as ever, are accompanied by an animated lyric video. 

HammerFall had this to say about “The Sacred Vow:” “Choosing a track for this was not easy, as we had several suitable songs. But ‘The Sacred Vow’ is a pretty classic HammerFall tune and very representative of the album as a whole: speed, power, energy and with a catchy chorus that oozes of heavy metal spirit.”

Once you jam the new song, you can preorder Built to Last from Napalm Records here