Dave Witte helped write music for a 30-person drum circle

We already know that Dave Witte likes to stay busy; he’s recorded drums on over 50 studio albums, is widely considered to be one of metal’s best drummers and plays or has played with Municipal Waste, Deny the Cross, Melt Banana and Brain Tentacles, just to name a few. Up next for him is a 30-person drum circle in Richmond playing music that Witte wrote in collaboration with John Skaritza. 

The Shape of Sound will take place in Richmond, billed as “a drum circle event unlike anything Richmond has seen or heard” and features Richard Christy, who has an impressive resume himself: personality on the Howard Stern Show, former drummer of Death and Iced Earth and current drummer of Charred Walls of the Damned.

The trio (and their 30 other drummers) will get weird with sci-fi-electronic group The Bermuda Triangles, another Richmond based group. 

“At first I wasn’t sure about it as the thought of  hippies and hand drums raced through my head. Then after thinking, I proposed full drum kits. It’s going to be a lot of fun and LOUD,” Witte says.

The drum circle is part of the promotional effort behind Last Call, a movie being filmed about a bartender in Richmond who is past his golden years. 

The Shape of Sound goes down on August 28 at the Hardywood Brewery in Richmond. It’s free to attend. Find out more here