Kyle from Incantation Has a Side Project: Shed the Skin Full Album Stream

OK, I couldn’t resist the reference, but that headline isn’t entirely fair. Obviously long-time Incantation skin-abuser Kyle Severn is behind the kit with Cleveland-based death crew Shed the Skin. But members of Ringworm, Beyond Fear and Crucified Mortals also comprise the death dealers’ ranks. Maybe the headline should have read, “Kyle from Incantation Has a Supergroup.” Fuck, I did it again. Anyway, before I write something else stupid, I’ll let the venerable Mr. Severn take the wheel. As you’ll see, Harrowing Faith, is out today on Hells Headbangers, and our man is rightfully psyched. 

“We were fortunate to have been added to this year’s Maryland Deathfest on a last-minute notice as one of the opening bands and Albert was among the hundreds—possibly more up bright and early that Sunday afternoon—to have had the experience to catch the very first full Shed the Skin Live set. Needless to say he liked the set as well as everyone else as CDs few off the shelves after our performance and before the rain!

“Enjoy this free streaming, and remember if you like it buy it. And if you can read, then read it—Decibel magazine, that is! Tonight we will be playing the debut release show of the LP version of Harrowing Faith in Columbus, OH with Incantation, Embalmer and many more. Next up Hells Head Bash on Labor Day weekend in Cleveland, OHIO!”