Motörcore Kings Panzerbastard Stream “MotörHeathen” Single

If you’re unfamiliar with what Boston’s Panzerbastard might sound like, well, their name is fucking Panzerbastard. And their new single is called “MotörHeathen.” If that doesn’t clear things up, then about about this quote direct from the bassist/vocalist Kpanzer?:

“We are the bastard sons of Motörhead, Discharge, Venom and Cro-Mags on a mission to ruin your life.” 

Still haven’t figured this out? We’ll we’ve got the lead track of the EP streaming right here for you. But not before Sir Panzer drops more context: 

“Forged in a dark, smelly room in the the deepest, darkest bowels of Boston, our intrepid dirtbag heroes internalized three years of misfortune, betrayal, underachievement and general disgust with the human race to puke forth the four slabs of sonic offal now known as ‘MotörHeathen.'” 


“MotorHeathen” is out on July 15 through PATAC, but you can pre-order that sweet sickness right here.