Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Deci-Dad

While we at Decibel would love it if all of our readers were basement dwelling miscreants so we could up our comment section cred we are fully aware that a good portion of our readership is respectable tax paying adults with marriages and offspring. True, there might be some actual basement dwelling miscreants who have reproduced — maybe while they were on that ill-fated tour — but let’s not worry about them.

Let’s instead talk about the fathers worth celebrating; the guys who pick up the kids at school, drink only a six-pack so they can attend to parenting the next day and play all of their Black Sabbath and early Iron Maiden albums for their daughters. Just what can you get these champions of responsibility to remind them they are doing a good job? Well, if you’ve waited this long you’ve probably fucked up already but fortunately, our Decibel store has your hookup.

Without further adieu, here are five gift ideas that will make Dad swoon on Father’s Day:

Decibel subscription (with or without Flexi):

Don’t let the Dad in your house be that guy who always writes us on Facebook wondering “when we are going to post that article on the blog.” In many cases, we won’t — at least not right away. Keep them up to date on the world of metal with coverage from the world’s best metal writers. And yeah, a Flexi might be offered as an option but why leave Dad hanging? 

Choosing Death:

There are about 700 copies of editor Albert Mudrian’s magnum opus left and when they are gone, they are gone for good. Considering Dad has been around for a while, Albert’s take on the roots of death metal will feel like contemporary history to Pops rather than archaeology. In any event, make sure they read this so they can recite Napalm Death’s family tree. 

Decibel Flexi Series Deluxe Collector’s box:

There are even fewer left of these than Choosing Death — about 60. If Dad is a faithful subscriber make sure those Flexis have a safe place to go and aren’t being lodged inside another record sleeve. 

The Top 100 Old-School Heavy Metal Albums of All Time Special Issue:

Dad probably rocks Def Leppard’s Pyromania, Iron Maiden’s Killers and Judas Priest’s British Steel on a daily basis. Hell, Dad might have been one of the kids in Heavy Metal Parking Lot. In any event, there will be plenty for him to disagree about in our classic metal omnibus.

Extremely Extreme Bundle:

If Dad has been beyond reproach this year this is the ultimate way to reward him. Each bundle includes a two-year subscription; the Top 100 Old-School Metal Albums special issue; a limited edition DVD of our 100th issue show; a Flexi box and a Death tribute shirt.