Driving in Nails with the July 2016 Decibel Meter

In April we announced our partnership with f.y.e for the Decibel Meter, a monthly collection of titles featured both online and in store that we’ve been using to bring us closer to hearing aids most recently. The complete list, which pertains to the July 2016 issue with Nails on the cover, can be found here.

The obvious place to begin is the possible album of the year (is it?!) You Will Never Be One of Us from the aforementioned grind/powerviolence/ hardcore/generaldestruction three-piece Nails. In the same issue we inducted into the Hall of Fame the “Sophisticated Black Metal Art” (exclusively, of course) classic Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk from Emperor. And if you don’t own this one (we won’t tell anyone as long as you grab it immediately), now is certainly the time to pick up Scream Bloody Gore, now in 2 CD reissue. The full list of titles includes everything from recent releases by big name subgenre definers to sophomore ragers to debuts that demand your attention. 

Hence, if your CD player or turntable is in need of some new ammunition to bring you years closer to that hearing aid (come on, it’s inevitable), head straight to the nearest f.y.e location to grab these titles in person, or to over to the Decibel Meter page at f.y.e.’s website, to stockpile immediately.