Terry Butler on New Death Metal Supergroup: Hideous


While it’s easy to get cynical about everyone and their mother forming new supergroups, some are definitely worth getting excited about. And for any fan of old-school death metal, Hideous should be one of the top bands to watch in the coming months.

Featuring bassist Terry Butler (Obituary, Death, Massacre, Six Feet Under), vocalist Ed Webb (Massacre), drummer Greg Gall (Six Feet Under) and guitarist Matt Bishop (Lividity, Horrific Demise), the band comes stacked with quite a resume. Terry Butler alone can boast appearances on Death’s Spiritual Healing and Massacre’s From Beyond, along with the majority of Six Feet Under’s catalog.

So what does this meeting of the death metal minds have in store for us? We gave some questions to Terry to find out.

You guys have assembled quite a line-up of death metal musicians! How did this band come about?

Well Matt Bishop from Horrific Demise and Lividity contacted me about playing bass on a project he had been working on. This was shortly after the Massacre breakup. I said “yes, I would love to.” The band needed a singer and a drummer. I suggested Ed Webb (Massacre, Generichrist) and Greg Gall (Six Feet Under) He was familiar with both of them and likes their style and what they can do.  They said “hell yeah” so the lineup was complete.

Hideous has some shows planned with Gruesome later this summer. Does your sound match up with Gruesome’s old-school approach?

Yes, it matches up pretty well. We are a bit thrashier and groovier than Gruesome but we still have some Deathy parts. They are channeling their inner Death at the moment, so I think that difference is enough so we don’t sound similar.

Can audiences expect any renditions of your previous bands’ works? Or will you stick to original material?

Funny you ask. We just practiced “Lycanthropy” from Six Feet Under. Its a cool song and is a good one to incorporate into our set. We don’t want to do a lot of former bands’ covers. We want our music be the main feature.

The names Death, Obituary and Massacre have become important icons for fans of all generations. What is it about the old-school death metal sound that makes it so enduring?

I think its because these types of bands created the scene and are still creating relevant music. We are kind of grandfathered in if you will. It’s a style that is catchy and riffy. Fans want to remember the songs they just heard after hearing you music. So it sticks with them. Plus we are all just bad ass dudes lol.

What are the touring plans in the future? If there are any.

We definitely want to play shows abroad. The plan is to get a few shows under our belt and get the LP out ASAP, then concentrate on getting our feet wet next year.

I hear you guys have an album written. Any idea when audiences will get to hear some of it?

Yes, we have a full album written. We are just taking baby steps right now and getting our ducks in a row. We are currently wrapping up a demo to shop around. We would love to have the LP out early in 2017.