Waldo Pecks on Nails, Whitechapel and, um, I See Stars

You know that feeling when sometimes there’s just nothing exciting coming out in the next few weeks, and you’re a parrot and there’s not much else for you to do BUT review some upcoming stuff? You don’t know that feeling? What the peck? Well, there are a couple of little things to shit your cage over, but as always, not much, so lemme just get into what I’m all about:

Nails are releasing the absolutely furious You Will Never Be One of Us, and god pecking damn is this thing mean. This thing has been getting a lot of press and deservedly so, this is pure grindcore hate packaged into one full length package. Most of the songs here are short, from like 45 seconds to two minutes with the exception of the last track which is a whopping eight minutes long and kinda feels like an epic doom track in comparison. Geez, Nails is making me mosh around my cage and like peck shit up. Kurt Ballou’s production really helps complete the package and while this would normally be awash in HM-2 mid range, Kurt Ballou brings out the subtlety in these tracks. This is clearly going to make MANY top ten lists and regardless will kick you in your puny dick each time you put it on. 9 Fucking Pecks.

Whitechapel, arguably one of the pioneers of “deathcore” is going to show you what their new effort Mark of the Blade is all about. Well… huh, it’s WAY more “core” than death, and although I was never a fan, this comes across as goofy, featuring some parts that are super “rappy.” I mean there is obviously still an audience for this type of thing, and you can certainly imagine some kid in a horribly oversized shirt pitting to this. But this, this is not for me. Not all of this record is “funky,” you can tell the band is trying to explore slightly different waters here, but the whole effort comes across as goofy. I dunno, not my thing… 3 Fucking Pecks.

WOW, speaking about “not my thing” I See Stars, and boy howdy does this pecking SUCK. This is called Treehouse and it sucks. Imagine dance music, like trippy dance music with some crap metal thrown in, and boy does this suck. I mean just check it out, and you will agree that this sucks. There’s not much to talk about here, except for the fact that this unbelievably sucks. I mean, this just sucks. 0 Fucking Pecks.