For Those About To Rot, Here’s a Sewercide Full-Album Stream!

It’s really a shame that Soulfly beat Melbourne death metallers Sewercide to the punch eight years ago by titling a song “For Those About to Rot.” If you’re anything like me—and sorry to report that if you’re reading this, you probably are—you’ve almost certainly have never heard Max Cavalera’s tribal take on that fantastic AC/DC pun, so let’s just pretend it never happened.

Because today, you’ll not only hear Sewercide’s “For Those About to Rot” but the other eight tunes from their Unspeakable Axe debut LP, Immortalized in Suffering, which drops to-fucking-day! But first, Cellar Dweller—bassist of current Sewercide tourmates Coffin Dust—describes what you’re in for better than I ever could:

“Sounds like Autopsy/Obituary/the first four Cannibal Corpse albums met Demolition Hammer in an alleyway and did a bunch of speed off a trash can.”

Order the CD and cassette of Immortalized in Suffering here and catch Sewercide on the road at one of the dates below. 

Sewercide Tour Dates:
06/13 – Atlanta, GA (529 Eav)
06/14 – Lexington, KY (Best Friend Bar)
06/17 – Baltimore, MD (The Sidebar)
06/18 – Philadelphia, PA (Second Empire)
06/20 – Brooklyn, NY
06/23 – Worcster, MA (Ralph’s Rock Diner)
06/24 – Buffalo, NY (The Lair)
06/25 – Rochester, NY (Monty’s Krown)
06/26 – Cleveland, OH
06/27 – Pittsburgh, PA (Howlers Coyote Cafe)
06/28 – Detroit, MI (New Dodge Lounge)
06/29 – Minneapolis, MN
06/30 – Colorado Springs, CO
07/01 – Denver, CO (Rhinoceropolis)
07/06 – Oakland, CA
07/07 – Oakland, CA
07/08 – Ashland, OR
07/09 – Bend, OR (Third Street Pub)
07/10 – Portland, OR (Panic Room)
07/11 – Seattle, WA