Partake of Astrophobos’ “Blood Libation”

Now that black metal has splintered into a hundred charred sub-sub-genres, it’s become difficult to gauge a band’s sound by that overloaded descriptor.  Few are the bands who will still gleefully slaughter your favorite pet in service of the seething abyss.  Sweden’s Astrophobos are one of these few.  With their new Enthroned in Flesh EP, due out on August 26th through Triumvirate Records, the band uses four songs to slay most righteously in a mere 21 minutes.  If there is any concern that the black flame has guttered in recent years, keep an ear out for this trio’s frosty, focused terror hymns.

Today, we bring you the third track from the EP, called “Blood Libation.”  When asked about the song and how it fits with its brethren on the EP, Astrophobos bassist/vocalist Micke Broman said the following:

“For our new release, we wanted to add some faster and more brutal elements, and once again enlisted Fredrik Widigs (Marduk) to play the drums. The lyrics of ‘Blood Libation’ are intended to match the brutality of the music and relate the events of a ritual, described from the perspective of a willing human sacrifice as he is being gorged upon by the worshiped deity. Enthroned in Flesh consists of four songs and will be release on vinyl and digitally on August 26th on Triumvirate Records.”

Without further ado… “Blood Libation”!

Check out more Astrophobos at their Facebook page or on Bandcamp, and catch up with other goings-on at Triumvirate here.