Detroit Nuke City: Nuke Premiere “Dead Space” from forthcoming LP

Even if you’re not a Robocop 2 fan, there’s plenty to love about Detroit’s new splatter thrashers Nuke. Comprised of vocalist Richie Riot, of the infamous Shitfucker, guitarist Mike “Tuff” Erdody of Temple Of Void, Acid Witch, Harbinger, ex-Borrowed Time, as well as several other pieces of “Detroitus” such as Redbeard (bass), Tony Kaos (guitar) and (these are pseudonyms, mind you) Sweet Pete on the drums–all of whom play in other noteworthy Detroit metal bands. But don’t go thinking Nuke is some supergroup. According to Erdody: “For the most part, we’re all the same people that have been partying and going to shows for the last couple decades, and Nuke, like any other Detroit band isn’t so much a ‘supergroup,’ but rather just another combination of Detroit metal dudes having fun and making music because we want to.”

To prove that, as Cain says in Robocop 2, “there’s a Nuke for every mood,” Decibel has procured the opportunity to premiere “Dead Space,” arguably the most epic track on Nuke’s self-titled LP. Erdody says: “ ‘Dead Space’ is a prime example of writing what feels good for the particular song.  It’s the first song we did with a shuffling drumbeat in it, and the only song that kicks off with a drawn-out harmonized intro a la Maiden’s ‘Transylvania’ or ‘Metal Storm/Face the Slayer.’  Melodic lines are fun. Who cares? There was never a question of whether it fits Nuke’s style or not. We wrote it, so it has to sound like us.” 

Nuke’s self-titled full length comes out July 22nd on tape, CD and LP. So get one and, in the words of Erdody: “shoot that shit straight into your jugular!” Also, be sure to check your local listings and catch Nuke on tour this summer with Sauron.