Album Premiere: You Won’t forget the black metal attack of Mistur’s In Memoriam

From Mr. Mister to Mr. Big to Mr. Bungle, the road of Misters is rock ‘n’ roll is—more or less—a hellish landscape strewn with unlistenable garbage. I like that last Bungle LP just fine, but I’ll leave it up to rest of your sell me on the merits of “The Girls of Porn” and “My Ass Is On Fire” in the comments section. 

Anyway, Norwegian black metallers Mistur are out to restore some fucking dignity to the male title. The band’s second full-length LP, In Memoriam, drops Friday, but we’ve got an early taste for you right here in the form of a full album stream! (Note: as of Thursday afternoon the track listing appears out of order.)

In Memoriam is available for pre-order from Dark Essence Records here.