Trad Metallers Spell Lift the veil on “The Veil”

When you think Canada, bangs and traditional heavy metal, one thing should immediately spring to your resin-coated mind: Cauldron! Well, now your crippled limbic system will have to work overtime to think of TWO things, because Decibel is adding Vancouver’s Spell to that exclusive list. The power trio will release their new LP For None and All on May 27 via Bad Omen, but you can peep a premiere of a new song called “The Veil” from the album right here, right now. Well, after Spell caster Cam Mesmer waxes poetic about the tune first.

“’The Veil’ is about the realization that my reality is limited by my own perspective—my morality, beliefs, and sense of the possible and impossible are all constructed from my own experiences,” Mesmer tells Decibel. “The song is about the terrible effort to see beyond this, to gain a wider vantage, to understand a much broader reality—impossible, within the realms of what we call ‘sanity.’ ‘The Veil’ is what separates us from the other side of this—one can never know what lays beyond until he steps across it… but once crossed, no one can return.”

Pre-order For None and All here.