Smash Through the Looking-Glass: Stream Ghoulgotha’s “A Lord in the Shattered Mirror”

Still as misunderstood as any abominable death-doom entity could ever hope to be, Ghoulgotha return hardly even a year after their Dark Descent debut with a new bemusing and pandemonic opus titled To Starve the Cross. Now Ghoulgotha, in cooperation with Dark Descent, hereby grant Decibel exclusive rights to stream another track from the band’s impending sophomore LP. “A Lord in the Shattered Mirror” is a psyche-splintering riff-led deviation through nocturnal bedlam. Says Ghoulgotha’s guitarist/vocalist Wayne Sarantopoulos:

“This particular song is one of our favorites to play live. We actually played this one on tour in 2015 well before the album was recorded . . . I would say it’s a little more straight-forward than some of the other songs, but it still has our sound and style.”

Once you’ve found your way back, seize the pre-order for To Starve the Cross from Dark Descent Records.