Meek is Murder Tease The Shit Out Of You With Trailer for New Album ‘Was’

I personally like my metal as rigid and humorless as possible, but the folks in Meek as Murder disagree. The Brooklyn noisecore trio have shown their comedic stylings before with a tribute to Back to the Future and an ode to Eastern European art films

And they’re back, this time to promote their new full-length Was, out on July 15th.

The trailer, which is longer than many of their songs, shows that the band is taking a non-traditional approach when it comes to recording the new album by… well, I don’t want to put a bunch of spoilers in here, but I will say that engineer Kurt Ballou does show off his expert dance moves with a bicycle. 

It seems like there is little to no actual music from Was in this teaser, but it’s likely that when the album drops you can expect the same kind of spasming punk-metal tirades the band continues to finely craft and then hurl through a plate glass window.