Miss Lava Premiere the Exceptionally Unsilent Video for “The Silent Ghost of Doom”

Vocalist Johnny Lee, of Portugal’s Miss Lava, introduces “The Silent Ghost of Doom” with the following:

This is a loud one that shouts about freeing yourself from tedium, apathy and past time glories – the broken mirror sights, the silent ghost of doom.

Loud is the operative descriptor for this four-minute psychedelic rock rager. Drenched in acidfuzz and nostalgia of film techniques (or decay?) from decades past, “The Silent Ghost of Doom” will most certainly break up the tedium of your nine-to-five. Or add further injection of hallucinatory, trip-inducing heavy rocking, if that’s your sort of thing. Either way, check out the video below.

In addition to the quote from Johnny, drummer J. Garcia added an explanation to the setting: “To shoot this video, we went to Lisbon’s old atheneum, a historic scenery that set the right vibe for the song.” They picked the right place.

Sonic Debris, the thid full-length from Miss Lava, will be released May 20th. Pre-orders are now available from the Small Stone Bandcamp page, in digital, CD (with digital), and 180-gram, limited-to-500, light blue vinyl (also with digital).