Take a Doomy Smoke Break with this Tombstoned Premiere

The name explains it.

Psychedelic stoner/doom to make you hear colors and smell sounds. Because, you know man, sometimes it’s just like that, like you can see stuff that like you can’t see, you know? …. Wait, what were we talking about?

Stoner jokes aside, Tombstoned’s guitarist/vocalist Jussi had the following to say regarding II:

This is the music that we make. Hope you like our new album. I also need money to eat, so buy it please. We are Tombstoned and Jesus never loved us. Hypocricy is fucked so avoid it. Reality is insane. Surreality is even more insane. Capitalism kills and we’re a bunch of brainwashed muppets. Music is life. Life is pointless. Listen to music and enjoy what you got.

Before we/you/everyone forgets, II is out on April 22nd on Svart Records. Pre-orders for this monolith of smoke and doom are available from Svart on CD and vinyl. You can hear the band’s previous emanations via their Bandcamp, and keep up with their smoky pursuits on Facebook.