STREAMING: Glorior Belli “Satanists Out Of Cosmic Jail” + 5 Questions With Billy Bayou

Glorior Belli‘s flipped black metal’s atavistic script not once but six times since forming in 2002. Leader and intrepid boundary breaker Billy Bayou (notice it’s not stolen from Tolkien) has taken Glorior Belli into the bowels of Satan’s celestial abyss and back, with such notable releases as Manifesting the Raging Beast and The Great Southern Darkness serving as Bayou’s malign vehicle. Decibel is darkly pleased to present brand new Glorior Belli track, “Satanists Out Of Cosmic Jail”, from new album, Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes), along with a few Qs answered by Bayou from his throne atop the blackest black.

“Satanists Out Of Cosmic Jail” is quite a title. Are you guys slightly nuts or is there a bit of fun to be had here?
Billy Bayou: We live in a cosmic jail built by the Demiurge; that’s no secret to anyone right? Actually it is. I forged the weapons of my own liberation long ago and my purpose is to share how I achieved it as much as possible through my art. Those words can be poison for the masses although I am convinced that they will liberate a few. I actually have proof of that, and even met with some people who succeeded on their path to rebellion. The night is coming, and once upon us will reveal our true nature, and along all its demons, fears, and for some the keys to a greater plan of existence. What will you do then, feeble ally of the sun which only purpose is to shine upon the Demiurge’s treachery, and underline the walls of our cosmic prison. You think this is nuts? I dare you to tell me that the world you see around you is sane.

Is Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes) cut from the same cloth as Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls? Or, is it different?
Billy Bayou: Each of our records is unique. They have their own backgrounds and Sundown is obviously very much different. Buy the record, play the record, read the damn lyrics and only then you can truly experience their essence.

Black metal’s a loose term these days. Where does black metal and Glorior Belli intersect?
Billy Bayou: They intersect in the fact that it is a loose term. On a side note, why would one need to define it or more importantly why would anyone wants to be put in a case? Let’s leave this activity to the mindless slaves of this farce of a world we die in, and focus on what’s important here. I’m quite certain that such arguments will delight many a metalheads, who perhaps should take more interest in saving themselves from mediocrity rather than encourage it by talking shit. What are you, brainwashed Beyonce fans?

How much of the American south is in Glorior Belli on Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes)? Musically and aesthetically, speaking.
Billy Bayou: Musically not so much, or at least it’s not as obvious as before. You will find it perhaps sometimes in the background, with some atmospheres, but it qualifies more as “post” than our trademark Southern bad-assery. In the imagery it’s totally absent. I simply consider that I achieved what I needed to achieve already with the South, there’s no need to go around in circle. I move only forward, always towards my goals.

Now that the album is nearing release, what are your plans for 2016?
Billy Bayou: La nuit était noire. Plus noire encore serait la nuit suivante. (Translation)

And onto “Satanists Out of Cosmic Jail”… Your Monday is now officially awesome!

** Glorior Belli’s new album, Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes), is out May 6th on Agonia Records. Pre-orders for this bitchin’ slab of French hate can be found HERE.