Premiere: Head of the Demon Will Inspire Dread in Your Wednesday Afternoon

Creeping with a sinister vibe of the occult, Head of the Demon deliver a slow, brooding darkness that stirs some sense of “this isn’t quite right” in the back of the brain. Below, check out the premiere of “Armilus Rides… Again!” from the band’s upcoming second full-length of malevolent blackened doom, Sathanas Trismigestos, which will ooze forth from the darkness on June 24th.

For those unfamiliar with Jewish eschatology, as we assume all of the Decibel  frequent readers are, “Armilus” stands opposite the messiah, comparable to the Antichrist (or so Google told us). Clearly in line with the whims of such a figure, the premiered track establishes an unhinging, otherworldly tension that resonates with a foreboding tone seemingly from outside this world. Konstantin (guitars/bass) had the following to say about the track:  

One of the first songs we worked with for the second album. Yet was finished last. Bald, partially deaf, partially maimed, and partially leprous. Armilus Rides… Again!

Preorders are currently available via Invictus in Europe and The Ajna Offensive in the US.