Join the Movement Against Human Plague

Here at Decibel, we spend most of our days just putting one foot in front of the other, living out a relatively quiet lifestyle, excepting the occasional demonic torture of Christian slaves or brutal dismemberment of farm animals in the name of advertising dollars.  We were contentedly scrolling through our inbox a little while ago, expecting little more than the most recent Facebook flutterings or another reminder about a new phone upgrade, when we happened upon these three letters:  AHP.  Just to provide the afternoon with a soundtrack, we opened the promo message and pressed play.

We awakened some time later, naked and snarling, blood spattered over the walls and ceiling, waving half a hamster wildly in one hand and gnawing on a human femur (age undetermined).  What had occurred was unclear, but it was somehow induced by the black metal (and occasionally ambient) madness of Against Human Plague.  Illness mainman Gulnar, of Poland, has advanced his dark agenda several more steps, and we got caught in the line of fire.  Classically deranged raw black metal speed, including one cover each from Beherit and War, meets eerie ambient speculation for one hell (you can say that again) of a journey.

The album hit Bandcamp by way of Via Nocturna, and you can hear it all right here.  Hamster not included.