Metal Muthas Mondays: Cryptopsy’s Matt McGachy

Every so often, we take a little time on Mondays to pay tribute to the Muthas! That is, reprinting the adorable metal/maternal Q&As that run in the magazine. Today, enjoy Justin Norton’s chat with Janet McGachy, mother of Matt McGachy (Cryptopsy).

Can you tell us more about yourself?

I have been married for 38 years to my husband Jerry. Many animals round out our household: Maggie, our black lab, Winnie the cat, Charlie the budgie, and a bunch of fish. In my spare time, I love to run, exercise [and] offer personal fitness training services, as well as sew. I started my career as a registered nurse, and then switched to banking.

What was Matt like as a kid?

Matt has never been afraid to be himself. I remember in high school, Matt and a friend decided to start a silly trend by attaching a spoon ladle to their belts. I also was never surprised to arrive home from work on any given day to a different hair color.

Do you remember when Matt got interested in heavy metal?

Matt started playing in bands in high school. His first band, Numb, practiced in our basement for a couple of years. His next endeavor was 3 Mile Scream, which was a little heavier. It was when Cryptopsy came looking for a lead singer that I think Matt found his love of extreme metal music. [Earlier] he did the balcony scene for the Quebec musical Romeo and Juliet. It was quite impressive.

Matt replaced an iconic singer in a longstanding band, which is always a tough task. Did he ever talk about it?

I remember the early years when he joined. It was tough for him to find his place in the heavy metal world.  His band was really supportive, and I know that Matt is happy with the reviews for the new EP.

That new EP has received the best reviews for the band in two decades. Have you heard it?

I have not, but Matt’s dad certainly has. When Matt releases a CD, his father asks for two copies: one to play and the other to save in the plastic wrapping.

What’s something people don’t know about your son?

Matt is an early childhood educator. Yes, that’s right—he is responsible for the care of children under five years of age. He often confuses the toddlers with his long hair. They ask him: “Are you a mummy or a daddy?”