STREAMING: Wake’s “Wretched Tongues”

Here’s the deal, I am a huge Wake fan. The Calgary blast-beaters have been releasing stuff since at least 2010 and I have been into pretty much every damn moment. Check it out:

“Wake is scathing hardcore and toxic grind seething with pain and rage.” 

“They keep releasing virulent, crusted grind that manages to find piercing rays of melody in even the most brutally fucked tracks.”

“These guys could actually be on their way to much bigger things, as there is just enough unsettling misanthropy, impressive performances and creative songwriting to win over a mini-mass of people.”

See, I love these guys. And now their newest full-length is on the horizon and it is what Wake fans like myself crave. 

Sowing the Seeds of a Worthless Tomorrow is eight tracks of the quintet showing off, well, everything I mentioned up above but with harsher production, tighter execution and somehow a few extra doses of absolute carnage. 

Check out Wretched Tongues below, and this radical shit will be released on February 26th — you can preorder the digital and cassette here, the LP here and here or even the CD here.