Too Loud to Live, Too Drunk to Die

Long live “Decibel rebels”

dB Rating: 8/10

Release Date: February 12, 2016
Label: Metal Blade Records

Every city has one. That Falstaffian dude from the club—super funny, kind of a dick—who yammers about how he only listens to music pre-1989, and how metal went tits-up after it lost its vaunted “heavy” status. The same sanctimonious chump who will call you a poser if you say something “controversial,” like: “Into the Pandemonium has some good songs on it.” Or “Another Perfect Day is awesome!” The same kind of fella who maybe spends more time with iron-on patches than personal hygiene. A brother who faithfully worships from the unholy trinity of Bathory, Motörhead and Venom. We know you know that guy.

Gehennah are shit-kickin’ street metal purists from Sweden whose record collection syncs up perfectly with our Falstaffian friend. Hey, they even have a song called “Cause We’re a Street Metal Band!” Not to stereotype—for all we know, Gehennah are astrophysicists who shower regularly, but their bacchanalian spirit reveals a terminable allegiance to the ’80s underground. Besides fightin’ and druggin’, Gehennah’s only mandate is fun, delivered in a medium of grimy thrash, quasi-NWOBHM, and semi-first-wave BM riffs.

It’s hard to be prolific when you’re always drunk and fighting. Maybe that’s why, although the band has been around since ’92, this is only their fourth full-length? Who cares! After a long mid-2000s break, Gehennah are back on a high-profile label and ready to go toe-to-toe with Midnight for the Street Metal Heavyweight Title. If you’ve ever wondered what Motörhead riffs sound like backwards, or you believe spirit—and spirits!—are more important than musicianship, then Gehennah are your new favorite barbrawling bruthas.

—Shawn Bosler
Review originally printed in the March 2016 issue.

To stream Too Loud to Live, Too Drunk to Die in its entirety before the February 12th release date, check out our premiere of this street metal rager.