Khemmis to Open Denver Date of 2016 Decibel Magazine Tour

From February 1 until February 12, we’ll be announcing regional openers for select dates of the 2016 Decibel Magazine Tour every day at noon EST. Get your tickets here!

The Rocky Mountain doom/sludge quartet was responsible for our ninth-favorite album of 2015, the crushing Absolution. “Since we play about a quarter of the speed of the rest of the bands, our brand of heaviness should serve as a tasty appetizer for an evening of breakneck riffs and non-stop double bass,” remarks co-vocalist/guitarist Ben Hutcherson. “Plus, we’ll be playing songs from our next album. Show up early and get a sneak peak of the new material!” In case it wasn’t obvious, Khemmis will be vibing on High on Fire after their set. “Matt Pike’s guitar playing is a massive influence, and they absolutely rip live.”