Demo:listen: Turkey’s El Topo

Every week, Decibel will premiere new material by bands of a heavy nature.  There’s no boundaries here, either.  Death, black, doom, sludge, progressive, stoner, retro, whatever!  It’s all fair game.  What’s this section called?  DEMO:LISTEN, naturally.  This week we take a look at El Topo, an instrumental oddity hailing from Istanbul, Turkey.

A few years ago, we heard the rumblings of dissonant, mathy metallic hardcore coming from a band called Chopstick Suicide, and we totally dug it.  Now CS guitarist Yagiz has a second project that slims down to three musicians and no vocalist, playing equally discordant (but ultimately highly satisfying) heavy music.  El Topo has recorded a three-song EP called Dust & Pavements, and its fifteen-plus minutes are strident, mesmerizing, curious and rewarding.

Check out a stream of the EP right here, and head on over to their Bandcamp site to show some love!