Sci-Fi or Die Indeed with Droids Attack’s “Mashenomak”

Madison stoner trio Droids Attack have been power-riffin’ since 2001, and fourth album Sci-Fi or Die (Riff Reaper, February 26) is their most effective strand of heaviosity yet.

“The story of Mashenomak is a Native American folk tale about a fish monster that terrorized a lake in our region many years ago,” says guitarist/vocalist Brad Van. “It swam around knocking over canoes, and imprisoned ‘spirit animals’ by swallowing them whole. I based the lyrics on a version of the story that a historian shared with me, and we approached the writing of the music like we were scoring a film. It was an interesting exercise for me. We were inspired to tell our version of the tale because a couple of friends of ours had a run-in with this fish monster while drinking and boating on a cold dark night in the fall. The ending of ‘Mashenomak’ leads right into the next track on the album, called ‘Mashenomak Strikes Again.’ It is our telling of their story.” 

Pre-order the album here, and check out the epic (eight-and-a-half minute) “Mashenomak” below.