The Most Anticipated Nu-Metal Albums of 2016

Meshuggah. Gorguts. Nails. Pig Destroyer. Sure, these are some of the most anticipated metal releases of 2016, but what about the best nu-metal coming out in the nu-year?

As someone who speaks fluent nu-metal, evidenced by this exhaustive career-ender, I think it’s only fair we check out what the remaining soldiers are going to be dropping on us in the near future:

Korn- TBA

The band is in the studio and promises an album that will be “heavier than anyone’s heard Korn in a long time,” a bold statement that the band has only dared make during the recording of Issues, Untouchables, KORN III- Remember Who You Are and The Paradigm Shift.

Amen- TBA

They had a new record due in late 2015, and since I don’t remember being blown away by the incursive glamcore stylings of Casey Chaos in years, I assume we’ll have this any day now.

Thousand Foot Krutch- Exhale

These guys are fucking massive in the Canadian Christian rock scene so it’s no surprise they are putting out another album for their fans to listen to over and over — relentlessly, to the point of near mental collapse — instead of masturbating.

Limp Bizkit- Stampede of the Disco Elephants

The band announced on their Facebook page, “We are in the final stages of production with release soon to follow.” Those final stages will have taken a full year this Saturday. So let’s move on…

American Head Charge- Tango Umbrella

This band, who released their last record in 2005, managed to fly under my radar even with their 1999 debut. But I just checked out the song above and it’s fucking terrible, so mark your calendars for March 26th!

Drowning Pool – Hellellujah

I don’t really consider Drowning Pool nu-metal, but due to this record title, and their recent PR blast promoting the above sock puppet parody of “Bodies,” I had to include it.

Alien Ant Farm- Always and Forever

Okay, this came out last year, but I bet it’s new to you right now!

Methods of Mayhem- ???

They have not released an album since 2010’s A Public Disservice Announcement, but now that Motley Crue have disbanded again, and Tommy Lee has been successfully freed from the Cruecifly with no apparent injuries, this may be the band to watch in 2016.

Hed PE- ???

Also no news, but did you know they put out a 9/11 Truther record? How fucking weird is that?

That’s it, but if you have any insider info on any other nu-metal records coming out this year, please just write them in the comments I guess.