Aluk Todolo Song Premiere

For about a decade, instrumental trio Aluk Todolo have been exploring the dark avenues of occult rock.  Since the release of their 2012 album (Occult Rock, natch), the band have been burrowing further into their sound, and now, on the eve of the release of fourth full-length Voix (due out February 5), they treat us to a preview of their rhythmic, dissonant approach.

Says the band:

“We started working on the composition of Voix just after the release of Occult Rock in 2012. We wanted to work on the inner voices of our music, that are present since our first album, but with more precision. We first redifined our sound: the choice of amps, effects, cymbals, drums skins have been crucial on this work.

“The album is one piece divided in six parts, totaling 43 minutes. Composed as a multi-directional labyrinth with a constantly changing map, its secrets can only be revealed in the space between the notes and beats : where and when the voices shall be heard.  

“During the writing of Voix, we had to remove more than to add. At some point we radicalized everything to find the essence of the music. “5:34” is a good example of this process: this piece was originally way longer, and we found its final shape by working on articulations, pulse, breath and resonances. 

“As for Occult Rock we recorded at Drudenhaus in the western reaches of France. But this time everything was captured on tape, using completly analog technics. The choice of these technics appears obvious to us as we wanted to give a special sound depth to our composition. And as we recorded in live conditions, doing it on tape gave more intensity to our performance.”

You can preorder Voix here and check out more Aluk Todolo at Bandcamp, or get a look at all things Ajna Offensive at the label’s website.