Massive Three Album Meatmen Contest!

The Meatmen are hardcore legends and good friends. We were the first to talk to the Dutch Hercules Tesco Vee when he told the world The Meatmen were an active band again. We were the first to give you a track off their comeback album Savage Sagas. And we were there stageside when this most excellent new millennium lineup of weenbags visited the West Coast playing songs from three-plus generations of vintage hardcore.

So we’re excited to share more Meatmen news with you today.Three of the band’s best-loved albums (Pope On A Rope, Toilet Slave and War Of The Superbikes II) will be released in limited run vinyl pressings from three separate labels.

Vee says the idea came from bassist Danny Dirtbag. “He’s been prodding me to get these puppies out. All of these records came out when vinyl was a flea on a dog’s butt and CDs were king. And there were only 2,000 copies of Toilet Slave issued.”

“We’ve always liked to think of ourselves as the underground guy shooting at all the big guys with a pea shooter,” Vee adds. “So I like working with small labels. Maybe because the big labels won’t have me! But we just keep trying to spread the meat around the planet any way we can.”

We are giving away a copy of each record to the best three responses to the following question. We will select the record you receive arbitrarily so don’t include your favorite in your reply. Responses must be sent to [email protected] by Wednesday, November 25, right before Turkey Day.

What is the ultimate Meatmen track? Provide a passionate argument and detailed reasons why, not just the name.

Or you could bypass the madness and get one of these beautiful albums below. We’ve included preorder links to all three (they come out on Black Friday) as well as details and sample tracks. Get yours before they are gone and selling for inflated prices on Discogs.

Pope On A Rope (Self Destructo Records)

  • 500 total on red vinyl
  • Updated artwork to show Pope Benedict hanging by Craig Horky
  • Cut from the master tape

Toilet Slave (PATAC Records)

  • 500 total on “Urinal Cake” blue
  • Cut from master tape
  • 5″x5″ vinyl sticker available with pre-order

War Of The Superbikes II (MVD)

  • 10″ vinyl