Have You Heard Heathen Beast?

Indian black metal blasphemers Heathen Beast have been flogging the establishment for some years now, having released a series of three-song EPs since 2010.  This year, the Transcending Obscurity label has compiled all three EPs (Ayodhya BurnsThe Drowning of the Elephant God, and The Carnage of Godhra) into a single release, called Trident.  The sound is scathing, fiery, empowered and empowering.  At Decibel, we’re always on the lookout for hot new blood or more Iron Maiden, and Heathen Beast sate our desire for the former quite well.  And – sensationalist or not – it’s always interesting when the label suggests that “the hidden identities of the members is a must, since the government in power here is becoming increasingly intolerant of any rebellious acts.”

Check out the full stream of Trident (above) from TO’s Bandcamp page, and get a look at the videos for “Ab Ki Baar, Atyachar” and “The Carnage of Godhra” below.  Think it rules?  Go get it at TO’s site.