Hear a Ton of Songs From Violation Wound’s New Double Album

When Chris Reifert isn’t tearing shit up in Autopsy, he’s doing punk rock right in side gig Violation Wound. And VW is coming out with a vengeance to close out the year, dropping double album Broken Idol/Elimination Time November 20 on Horror Pain Gore Death. Preorder the CD or digital version now, and listen to a whopping SIX tracks below!

“Open up them earholes, here comes Violation Wound!” trumpets Reifert. “Dig punk fuckin’ rock? Go mental to gnarly HC? This release has your name all over it!

“Why two albums in one dose? Why not? We’ve been busy bastards over the last couple of years, and Broken Idol/Elimination Time is one or two of the results of our adventures into oblivion. It’s raw, rough and rowdy stuff, and we actually care about our songs… they’re short and booze-soaked, but we mean what we say. Life’s a madhouse, and Violation Wound reflects that.

“If you want sanitized shopping mall punk, this ain’t gonna be your bag, baby. Otherwise, slap in this CD and buckle your brain belts… it’s elimination time!”