STREAMING: Shumaun “Miracles of Yesterday”

“‘Miracles of Yesterday’ is one of those tracks where I tried to fuse my pop, metal, and prog rock influences together without overplaying,” Shumaun frontman Farhad Hossain. “Travis Orbin [Darkest Hour, Periphery] really shines on this track. His drum parts sound simple on the first listen, but when you really hone in on what he is doing it’s pretty amazing.”

We agree with Hossain, actually. But it’s not just Orbin’s simple-complex drumming that shines here. ‘Miracles of Yesterday’ has a host of positives. Like Hossain’s soaring vocals, the irresistible refrain, and the guitar/bass dynamics. They sound simple but scream progressive, forward-thinking. Of course, fans of Deicide and Suffocation aren’t going to be the same plane, but folk into Riverside, Blackfield, mid-period Porcupine Tree (Stupid Dream era), and bits of A Perfect Circle should take note. Here’s a new band doing its own thing.

While pop-oriented progressive rock tunes aren’t usually on Decibel’s turntable (digital or physical), Shumaun’s ‘Miracles of Yesterday’ was hard to deny after recent deep explorations into Antimatter’s The Judas Table and Riverside’s Love, Fear and the Time Machine. Plus, it’s Monday and there’s only so many times we can begin a week with funeral doom.

** Shumaun’s self-titled debut full-length is out November 13th and is available directly through the band by clicking HERE. Fans of Porcupine Tree, Blackfield, Riverside, and Antimatter take note!