Hope Finally Died

Delivered from extortionate obscurity

dB Rating: 9/10

Release Date: July 15th, 2015
Label: Candlelight Records

Released in 1994, Hope Finally Died… can’t qualify for my record of the year, but if those sacred and immutable laws could somehow be shifted, I would give this reissue that highest honor. Because Decomposed’s debut and final full-length is undoubtedly the best record I will hear all year. And that will be true for the many years to come, as it has been true since my first time hearing the record.

Decomposed played quintessential deathdoom, counting bands like Cathedral, Bolt Thrower and the so-called Peaceville Three as their peers/compatriots. But what separates Decomposed from those bands is that this South London quartet—by some fluke of nature— never achieved a level of success that would prevent their material from slipping into obscurity.  For years, those who caught the fetid stench of this tragically underrated band were forced to settle either for shitty-quality mp3s downloaded from some sketchy blog or spend an ungodly amount of their wages on a copy from eBay or Discogs; can’t imagine what it was like trying to jam Decomposed pre-the Internet.

But now—having finally heeded the subterranean demand—Candlelight has reissued HFD. Thankfully, there’s been no meddling with the original sound whatsoever. So, fall to your knees in gratitude and buy this album as you’re doing so. I know—you don’t even know what it sounds like… because I haven’t told you. Yet you do know. For Hope Finally Died… is the record you’ve been waiting your whole life to hear.

—Dutch Pearce
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Review originally printed in the October 2015 issue (#132).