STREAMING: Sadistic Ritual “Morbid Genocide”

Of thrash’s three faces–sociopolitico, violent, comical–Atlanta’s Sadistic Ritual embody the aggro. They aren’t singing about saving whales and the injustice of corporate profits. Nor are they singing about keg parties and barf consistency in DayGlo Bermuda shorts. No, Sadistic Ritual, as the name implies, is about riots of violence, the realities of getting bombed–as in the thermobaric kind–and showing no mercy.

The group kicked off in 2009 to fantastic local and regional feedback. Now that they’re working with Philly heavyweights Unspeakable Axe Records, Sadistic Ritual are ready to spread their death-infused thrash nationally, even globally where the thirst music like “Morbid Genocide” is insatiable.

Join us in death as we welcome Sadistic Ritual’s “Morbid Genocide” to the Deciblog. Your Monday is officially morbid!

** Sadistic Ritual’s EP, Edge of the Knife, is out now on Unspeakable Axe Records. Metal maniacs can get a copy of the limited edition CD (500 worldwide) by clicking HERE.