Video Premiere: Wolfheart “Aeon of Cold”

Tuomas Saukkonen has long been one of the most prolific artists in not just Finland, but modern metal at large. You probably know him best from Before the Dawn and Black Sun Aeon. But Fleetwood Mac was right: sometimes you should go your own way. So, Saukkonen disbanded all of his projects roughly three years ago and began working on solo melodic death metal project Wolfheart. His debut album, Winterborn, was a critically renowned Finnish sensation, and he’s built off that momentum in a big way on Shadow World, due August 21 on Spinefarm. We’re pumped to bring you the video for “Aeon of Cold.” Don’t be fooled by that first uplifting 30 seconds. The vast majority of this rips, triumphantly.

“Summer Breeze is definitely my favorite festival in Europe,” says Saukkonen, “and it made perfect sense to ‘test drive’ a few new songs for the live audience, and also make a video from that gig. ‘Aeon of Cold’ was also the first song that was written for the album, so it fits like a glove for a first single.  Awesome crowd, awesome day, and we believe that the supercharge of the positive energy onstage/audience was well-documented on the video.”