Album Premiere: Tempel “The Moon Lit Our Path”

As much as yours truly really wishes they didn’t invert the last two letters of their moniker, I’m just gonna have to get used to it. Tempel are here to stay (although these particular family guys are not here to tour, sadly). The Arizona-based instru-metal duo (comprised of guitarist/keyboardist Ryan Wenzel and drummer Rich Corle) are prepared to turn heads with sophomore album The Moon Lit Our Path (Prosthetic). Not just for the progressive weirdness within, but a unique visual concept. Wenzel told us in the July Decibel that “each portion of the cover represents a song title, and if you look at it, you can figure out what’s going on.” Adds Corle, “This is the album we’ve been wanting to create. We wanted the riffs to come at the listener relentlessly and explore things we didn’t get to on the first record. The goal was to create a journey that is both grueling and rewarding, and matches the artwork that Lucas Ruggieri created for us.” Check out the full album below!