The I’s Still Have It! Dew-Scented “Ode to Extinction” Lyric Video Premiere

Twenty-three years into the game, German thrash institution Dew-Scented have no intention of whiffing now. Just as I have no intention of ever writing a track premiere post without an idiotic pun! Intermination is their 10th (“I”-titled) album, available June 29 on Prosthetic (pre-order here). The first taste of new heaviness is “Ode to Extinction,” and the exclusive lyric video is below.

According to bassist Joost Van Der Graaf, “The idea for the music for ‘Ode to Extinction’ came from the bass intro, which was something I had been fooling around with for a while. As soon as the music kicks in, this progression is played by Marv [Vriesde], while Rory [Hansen] and I support it with a riff underneath. On its way, it turns out to be a four-riff song, but with quite a lot going on and a bit of an unusual structure. I am pleased with the melody/heaviness balance. Furthermore, I think Marv and Rory did a great job with the leads!”

Vocalist Leif Jensen adds, “This track has some unusual structure and a pretty apocalyptic vibe to it, so the lyrics pretty much wrote themselves. It’s surely one of the heaviest songs on Intermination and should be fun to play live.” Press play on the end of days.