Video Premiere: Witch of the Waste’s “It Was Always 3:00 AM”

(photo: Shimon Karmel)

I knew from the off that Vancouver’s Witch of the Waste was going to be a band that hung out in extreme music’s left/left-centre field. How? T-shirts, brah! In the above photo, I spy with my little eye, Behold the Arctopus, Retox and Hate Eternal at the very least, which is damn good enough for me! The band has a new video set to be unleashed on the masses and it’s a weird one. Weird in the sense that the content doesn’t really appear to have much to do with anything it’s supposedly representing. As vocalist Ryan Fitzgerald says: “This is the first of a series of videos we are creating. All will be directed by our good friend Christopher Lennox and will feature simple concepts and dark atmosphere. Think of them as bad jokes being told at inappropriate times.”

So, here we present “It Was Always 3:00 AM” from their new EP, Made of Teeth.


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