No Room Left at the Psych Ward: Meek is Murder Premiere “Upward”

Meek is Murder formed after ex-Red Chord axe slinger, Mike Keller, probably having had it with  trying to figure when, if ever, bassist and band mate Greg Weeks was ever being serious about anything, departed from the Boston bruisers to nurse his internal head wounds in peace. While none of this can be confirmed, what ended up coming out the ass end of all that downtime was a furious head nod to the glorious days of mid-to-late 90s chaos core in the vein of superheroes like Coalesce, Botch, Jesuit, Converge and so on and so forth.

Coming May 5th will  be the trio’s new EP, Onward set to be packaged with their 2012 EP, Into the Sun Where it Falls Off the Sky. For your listening pleasure, we have a premier of the track “Upward” which follows in the footsteps of previous internet airings of EP tracks “Downward” and “Outward.” Vocalist/guitarist Mike Keller doesn’t explain the whole ‘ward’ thing, but he does offer the following explanation of the tune:

The beauty of getting absorbed in minutiae is finding your way back out to see what you’ve done. ‘Upward’ is a song about focus; rediscovering your voice by losing it a few times. Writing ‘Upward’ was a lot like writing most of our songs – the first pass is usually a stream of consciousness blast of nonsense recorded on my phone. Every note and hit is then pondered for a few months. I play guitar but I make these demos where I record drums first and without accompaniment, then layer other instruments on top. It’s kind of sloppy that way, but I like to reserve final riffage until after the rhythm section on its own is interesting. My fellow dudes have gotten really good at deciphering my trashy recordings and making the parts their own. We demo it again, together, before recording it one more time in the studio. The absurd circle of creation is complete, and clocks in at a minute and a half.”

And without further ado, let’s more forward and get to this song, shall we…

 Band photo: Dean Chooch Landry

Cover art: Mike Keller



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