Salt Lake Sh*tty: Vallenfyre to Miss Tonight’s dB Tour Show

Lame breaking news about our favorite death/doom supergroup Vallenfyre, the opening act of the 2015 Decibel Magazine Tour. Frontman Gregor Mackintosh tore ligaments in his knee onstage two nights ago, which will result in the band missing this evening’s show in Salt Lake City. Silver lining: the band is on track to rejoin the tour in Denver tomorrow.

“I tore the ligaments in my knee,” Mackintosh explains. “Just got out of hospital. Doc said [I definitely] shouldn’t try to do Salt Lake, and for Denver just see if I can put pressure on it without too much pain. It’s pretty fucked, but I intend to try to do everything but Salt Lake. Just have to hobble on and try to put my weight on the mic stand.”

Rock and roll takes its toll, but Jesus — what a trooper. Sorry for the bad news, Utah friends. Here’s wishing Greg a speedy, painless-as-possible recovery.